Opening Daze!

Well, the Blue Jays opened up last night and won thank gawd.  It was hard enought to get the game here in Winnipeg, MB.  In their wisdom Sportsnet West was the only Sportsnet channel that showed poker instead of the Blue Jays game.  Luckily I stayed on the phone for over an hour before the game to get Sportsnet Pacific & Ontario for this game and future ones this year.  Still, it would have been nice to have gotten it in HD (Can’t get anything but Sportnet West HD here).  While doing that I check out to make sure the good ol’ subscription is up and running.  I had watched the World Baseball Classic on it and was expecting the same high quality and great experience… if not better.  Boy was I wrong.  On crappy thing is the Jays are blacked out throughout Canada.  Which I suppose I understand a little, but man, Do they Black out New York games in L.A.?  Why would they black out the Blue Jays in Vancouver B.C.?  Yikes.  Oh well, most Blue Jays games are on television here anyhow so it isn’t a big loss.  (Except for today of course… I was relegated to listening to MLB.TV’s audio broadcast).  I understand the Blue Jays blackout policy, but if the game isn’t gonna be televised nationally, I see not reason to have to have the MLB.TV showing blacked out.  Anyhow, the MLB.TV thing sucked like hell on opening day.  After checking out the message boards and stuff I realized that it just was not gonna happen that day.  Ya it’s ******, but at leat the Blue Jays game was on the good ol’ reliable tube.

Halliday looked **********-tastic like always.  Yeah he wavered later on but the game was in hand already, I think they maybe should have pulled him out a little earlier.  The hitting?  Where’d all that come from?  Today’s game was good too.  I hope our young pitchers can handlie it!